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Notify Your Customers Whenever You Desire

What are push notifications?

Push notifications are a communication channel built into all major web browsers and every mobile device sold today. They allow you to reach out to users/customers with short messages. Push notifications are those pop-up ads you occasionally see on your smartphone.

Normally, the only way send push notifications to your customers is by having a custom mobile app built for your business. Push notifications can be extremely lucrative for a business, yet there are a few MAJOR problems preventing them from being cost effective.

Problem #1: Mobile apps are expensive to build – The average cost of building a custom mobile app is $5,000 and a business usually requires a different app for each type of phone (iPhone, Android, Windows phones, etc.)
Problem #2: Small businesses have a hard time getting their customers to install their app (Who would bother to install an app for their local pizza place just to get coupon notices?)
Problem #3: Even if a customer installs your app on their phone, less than half will enable notifications which means a business still won’t be able reach them.

Bottom-line: Less than 5% of the average business’ customers can be reached with regular push notifications. Having a mobile app built just for the push notifications is not a profitable investment for most businesses.

How Does It Work?

Visitors to your site are prompted with a pop-up asking to send them notifications

Once visitors click 'Allow', you can send push notifications to their desktop and mobile device right from your website

The best part is that this service works across nearly every mobile device, AND on desktop computers:

  • Desktop computers using Chrome, Firefox, and Safari
  • Apple iPhone and iPads using Chrome, Firefox, and Safari
  • Android phones and tablets using Chrome and Firefox
  • Windows phones and tablets using Chrome, Firefox, and Safari

  • Notifications are delivered without the need for:

  • NO need to install any apps
  • NO phone settings to change
  • Imagine... a local pub using notifications to compel people to come to Happy Hour for half-priced draft beer. And a restaurant sending a lunch special notification just before noon, which can compel and influence the worker’s decision on where to have lunch that afternoon.

    Are you beginning to see how you can utilize this new technology to grow your business?

    You are leaving money on the table by way of lost customers who are going to your competitors because they were not prompted to act on offers and promotions. People who visit your website are the most likely buyers and would act if pushed in the right direction using a regular stream of targeted notifications. Build targeted lists of customers who have purchased in the past and use the notifications to prompt them to spend even more money with your business.

    What's really cool is users does not need to have a web browser open or be on your website to receive notifications.

    Push Notification Demo

    Click to view push notifications in action

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